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KNIGHTLY NEWS: Council 7515 Begins Emergency Fund Appeal for Brother John Bowman

KNIGHTLY NEWS: Council 7515 Begins Emergency Fund Appeal for Brother John Bowman

Council 7515 has opened a GoFundMe page to raise funds to help our brother John Bowan and his mother Josephine to recover from a devastating fire that destroyed their home and all their belongings. Here is their story:

On Friday evening, December 15 John Bowan, volunteer firefighter, took the call at the station. A house in Tullytown was ablaze. It was his — the home where he and his 91-year old mother lived.

When John arrived at the scene with his engine company and the rescue squad, they found his mother — who had miraculously escaped the raging flames — lying on the front porch — alive, but overcome with smoke inhalation.

When the fire had been brought under control, all that remained was a shell of the house he and his mother had only hours earlier called home. The entire interior had been gutted. All that remained were charred timbers. Furniture, appliances, clothing, family photographs and keepsakes were destroyed. Gone.

Even though he lost everything but his car, his phone and the clothes he wore that night, John gave thanks that his mother had been saved. Everything else could be replaced. He would just need to start over.

But John, who suffers from severe neuropathy in both hips, will need a great deal of help to begin a new life. The publishing firm where he had been employed for many years, closed its doors a few years ago. Now, his only source of income is from his part-time job as a school bus driver. And the insurance carrier has told him he will not be able to receive any benefits for rebuilding for at least 6 to 9 months.

At the Knights of Columbus Council 7515, we brother Knights know and respect John Bowan as a man who has gone out of his way over the years to help many people, inside and out of our organization. He is a great believer in the first of the four core principles of the Knights of Columbus — Charity. He has always been a strong proponent of using our Charity Fund to aid a brother in distress.

Today, John Bowan is the brother in distress. We have opened our hearts to him by gifting him with a generous check to help him start getting back on his feet. But it’s only the beginning. Much more will be needed to keep John and his mother Josephine going.

That is why we have begun this appeal. We hope you will open your heart and help us reach a goal of $10,000. 


Thank you for anything you can give to help us help John and his mother.